Wisenet Seeks Slice of Multi-Billion Dollar Public Education Sector IT Spend

MELBOURNE, 16 APRIL 2019 –On the back of its recent acquisition by publicly listed software powerhouse Adapt IT (JSE:ADI), Wisenet is thrilled to announce the launch of Wisenet ITS Application Suite, squarely aimed at Australia’s TAFE and university sectors.

Wisenet ITS represents a true enterprise class Campus Management Suite built on the powerful Oracle platform.  Paired with extensive consulting expertise, Wisenet ITS can be customised and configured to meet the most demanding and complex workflows that a modern public education provider demands.

Higher education providers including universities and TAFE institutes will benefit from the complete student lifecycle management that Wisenet ITS offers including Finance, Human Resources, Facilities Management, and of course, Student Management.

“Unlike the expensive incumbent ‘old-school’ products that have offered little reward to public sector providers, our innovation extends well beyond the application itself.  Customers can choose from a variety of pricing and delivery models that best align with their business cycles.   Our focus is on how we can help our customers achieve more whether that’s more successful student outcomes, more efficient operations, or more value for money when it comes to their IT spend.

“For too long, Australia’s public education institutes have had little choice when it comes to Student and Campus Management Systems, often resulting in cost and project blowouts.  With Wisenet ITS, we bring a fresh approach in product design and delivery, pricing, and service level agreements,” reports Wisenet CEO, Ben Hamilton.

“We are the first to the market with an option for a true ‘pay-as-you use’ offering for public sector education, extending the highly suceessful business model we have offered the private sector for more than two decades.  This is not a simple manoeuver for incumbent vendors who remain captive to a business model from another time.  With Wisenet, software-as-a-service is baked into the entire business.  The result for customers is lower cost of ownership, risk mitigation, and time to market.

Wisenet is the vendor of choice for more than 1,000 training providers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and across Africa and Europe, with the ITS product in use in more than 60 universities and higher education providers.  These include some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest private training providers, including Master Builders NSW, The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Zinfra, and Edenz Colleges.

“With the launch of Wisenet ITS we are very well resourced to set to the pace on product, price and service for what is expected to be a very busy period in public sector education IT projects.  Given the recent failure of projects at various TAFE Insitutes, the time is right for a new paradigm in IT procurement for Education,” says Hamilton.

With over two decades of experience in the Australian vocational and higher education spaces Wisenet has the industry and technical expertise.  Parent company, Adapt IT, is listed on the Johannesburg Exchange and has more than 10,000 customers in 53 countries and has been doing business in Australia and New Zealand with enterprise customers for over a decade. For more information, visit www.adaptit.co.za


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