Increased mental health services for international students needed in Australia

Huifeng Liu said WeChat group SOS-AUS often receive messages from concerned family about international students.
The Federal Government has announced $200,000 for a new research project to look at mental health support and services for international students, including identifying the challenges in engaging students with services following criticism by those involved in the international education sector about a lack of a systematic approach to mental health service provision for international students.

Reseach shows economy losing out due to the untapped potential of migrant workers

The study, conducted by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, found that 35 per cent of non-English-speaking migrant workers were considered over-qualified for their jobs, compared to 10 per cent of Australian-born employees.  Report author Alan Duncan of Curtin University said improved skills, coupled with better education and training, could add $6 billion to Australia’s economy.