Training supports recovery

The future of skills and vocational education in the shifting employment and careers landscape
A total of 30 registered training organisation RTOs including TasTAFE, have been approved to deliver free training  in full qualifications and skill sets for Tasmania’s youth and unemployed as part of the $21 million JobTrainer Fund.

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Macca’s to hire 17,400 workers this year

Macca’s to hire 17,400 workers this year
Australia’s largest employer of young people, McDonald’s, has announced it will hire more than 17,400 people before the end of 2020.   “As a Registered Training Organisation, we’re able to offer nationally recognised external qualifications and traineeships to help our people into careers in the business, retail, food service or hospitality sectors, in addition to our internal training courses,” McDonald’s Australia chief executive officer Andrew Gregory has said.

Federal Budget 2020: Employers to get up to $200 per new young employee with JobMaker, can write off full cost of purchased assets with JobTrainer

Federal Budget 2020: Employers to get up to $200 per new young employee with JobMaker, can write off full cost of purchased assets with JobTrainer

A billion-dollar JobTrainer fund will support up to 340,700 additional free or low-fee training places “in areas of genuine need”. The fund will be targeted not just at school leavers, but also workers in need of retraining or upskilling.

Want to build skills and inclusivity? It’s all about peer power

Want to build skills and inclusivity? It's all about peer power
In order to recover and rebuild after record losses and unemployment, businesses need to reskill and upskill their staff. Skills such as adaptability, agility, communications and more are at the top of the list of needs, in addition to some technical skills that can help companies boost their operations with a newly remote workforce.

Feature Article: 5 signs you need to hire an RTO consultant for your business

5 signs you need to hire an RTO consultant for your business

At any given time your RTO may require the services of an consultant. This could be for reasons such as to obtain market information or for advice, skills, strategies and techniques that don’t exist in your business. An RTO consultant can provide solutions for a huge range of business issues and work with you on strategy, planning and problem-solving. According to ASQA an RTO consultant can be a good place to start if you are seeking assistance or expertise with issues related to initial registration or the registration renewal process. 

Compliance expertise:

RTOs may need to seek a consultant from outside the business when there is a lack of expertise internally. There are times when the skills needed for growth are not available inside an organisation. External consultants provide the skills and experience needed to complete a project or solve specific problems. Bringing in fresh eyes to review your systems and processes can be refreshing for your business. Sometimes when you have been working hard and looking at the same thing, it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees, however if you have a way of seeing the same process with different eyes or a different perspective you can  notice things that may not have been obvious before.


An RTO consultant like EDministrate specialising in compliance or quality issues can help a business avoid breaches and non-compliances. Adhering to legislative requirements and regulatory obligations can be complex and difficult to implement so hiring a compliance expert can save time, resources, and expenses in the long run.

New markets:

If your business is taking steps to break into a new market that you are unfamiliar with, whether it be a new delivery area or revenue stream, hiring an RTO consultant that has experience and expertise within that market can help you avoid certain risks and make your transition a more successful one. RTO consultants often have experience with similar projects and the cross-pollination of these ideas helps businesses grow and innovate.

Unfinished projects: 

The best RTO consultants will salvage all those delayed projects that you’ve been holding off for a while. Businesses can hire consultants for short-term projects without the expense of salary and on-costs providing maximum flexibility and minimal financial risk. A consultant’s contract ends once the project is completed. The biggest advantage in using a consultant for projects is that you don’t have to take staff off business as usual to finish them which would just get you caught up in an endless cycle of bottlenecks and frustration.

Decision Making:

Indecisiveness can take a toll on you and your team. If it doesn’t feel like your RTO is achieving growth as you expected, then your business may be stagnant. An experienced RTO consultant can help reinvigorate your organisation and identify barriers to your growth. They’ll help you identify ways to develop your business sustainably. When conflicts or problems arise, it’s wise to get an independent view on things. RTO consultants, being experts on strategies, can add perspective that might be absent when leaders get too close to a problem. These experts can help analyse problems, navigate internal politics, and offer unbiased solutions.

Risk Management: 

Are you making risky decisions that might impact on your ability to adhere to legislative or regulatory obligations and contractual requirements? The risk of not getting things right from the beginning far outweighs the cost of hiring a consultant. RTO consultants have extensive knowledge of trends and strategies. When RTOs encounter a problem which impacts productivity or growth, a consultant can help uncover data, define the problem, and recommend new approaches through an objective standpoint while mitigating risks to protect your business from potential regulatory action.

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TAS user choice funding round open

TAS user choice funding round open

Registered training organisations are being encouraged to apply for funding through the latest round of the Tasmanian Government’s Apprentice and Trainee Training Fund (User Choice), with applications now open. The fund provides subsidies through grants to significantly reduce the cost of providing quality training and assessment for nationally recognised qualifications.