Find clarity, get feedback, explore a compliance problem or challenge during an hour-long online session with Carmel Guy, MBA. Spend a 60-minute session with an unbiased, independent compliance professional who will help guide you and save your RTO thousands of hours of wasted time, effort, energy and angst.

  • Do you have doubts about your RTOs self-assurance systems robustness?
  • Are you worried you would not pass an ASQA performance assessment if selected?
  • Are your RTOs compliance processes ineffective but you don’t know why (or where they are lacking)?

What your RTO needs is a trusted advisor who can analyse your compliance problems and give you practical and tangible ideas that supports you in creating a plan to take action.

In our 1:1 consultation session, I’ll work with you to formulate your RTOs compliance strategies and share unique insights tailored for your RTOs business goals. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies and ongoing value, ready to take your RTOs self-assurance systems to the next level.

You should schedule a Borrow My Brain session with Carmel Guy, MBA if…

  • You need strategic compliance advice to prepare for RTO renewal of registration or to overhaul your Quality Framework
  • Your compliance team is inexperienced or lacking capacity to confidently manage your self-assurance strategies
  • You know your RTO has compliance risks and/or systemic issues , but your compliance team can’t pinpoint the root causes or devise how to address them
  • You’re tired of wasting resources and time on rectifications or error corrections to fix non-compliances and quality issues
  • You have quality assurance concerns about your products and services and you want to improve your customer experience enhancement

How It Works:

Prior to the call, I will review whatever content you feel is relevant. During our call, I provide customized strategies aligned with your goals and will answer every question you ask.

Consultation price: $300 

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