Putting learning at the heart of vocational education

Together we’ve fought hard to ensure all New Zealanders have access to quality public tertiary education that transforms lives. But this can only happen if polytechnics have a strong future.
Once again we need to step up and remind politicians to put students before profits.
This week the Industry Training Federation launched a major advertising campaign opposing a proposal to put polytechnic staff in charge of the coordination and support need for on-job training. This opposition is based on industry training organisations wanting to hold onto a ‘market share’, not on learner needs.

As trained educators we have always defended quality vocational education and training for all learners – no matter whether on-campus or on-job. We know that quality comes from ensuring learners have access to quality tutors and support services.
You can help by signing our open letter on vocational education and training – teu.ac.nz/campaigns/rove and then sharing the link with your colleagues and friends.

We support integrated on job and on campus education and training.

What do we want politicians to guarantee:
that all New Zealanders will have access to vocational education;
that there will be a high-trust system where staff have autonomy to be creative and adaptable; and,
that we will have a stable, sustainable, and coordinated public vocational education system
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