NCVER releases its 2018 research messages

NCVER has released its consolidated research messages for 2018.

Here they are, and they cover a range of topics.

The topics

There are several themes the messages cover, including structures and systems for skilling and learning, teaching and learning and the impact of vocational education and training.

In addition, there are other resources cited here covering the 27th ‘No frills’ conference held during August 2018 in Sydney, webinars, presentations, opinion pieces and submissions. New additions to the VOCED website also feature, in particular the VET Knowledge Bank, the Timeline of Australian VET policy initiatives 1998-2017, the Glossary of VET terms, the History of VET and the series of Landmark Documents starting from 1954. All of these can be really useful things to access.

And earlier articles in VDC News have already summarised a lot of this work, so here’s a refresher

Let’s remind you of a few of the key ones. We explored employer’s use of unaccredited training in January this year. The factors explaining the likelihood of completing a qualification was another topic we looked at in May last year. A report by Chandra Shah and Janine Dixon published in 2018 looked into future job openings for new entrants to the labour market by industry and occupation, and VDC News reported on that here. Coupled with that, another NCVER report looked at the fourth industrial revolution and the impact it will have on the Australian workforce and the VET sector. Disadvantage was another area of interest and Steven Lamb and his colleagues’ work was summarised in an articlepublished in VDC News in June 2018. The full report and supporting documents for this work can be found on NCVER’s website, though.

Other articles published in VDC News have also drawn on NCVER’s work last year. These include looking at 15 to 19 year olds and what they are doing as well as the numbers studying VET in Schools. Linked with other articles on international education in this and the next issue, VDC News took a look last year at outcomes for international onshore students. NCVER has regular publications covering its surveys and in September last year we looked at both student and employer views of VET.

So, what’s coming up soon?

Early April will see the release of a long-awaited report into higher apprenticeships, so we will have an article on that one later in April or early May, and this new one will compliment other articles on the topic already published in VDC News. You can access a couple of them here and here.

Looking ahead there are some useful pieces of work in the pipeline on school to work transitions and VET in schools and the array of technical and non-technical skills VETiS helps secondary students acquire. Another forthcoming report will look at the role and function of smaller VET providers.

Finally, NCVER will be releasing a raft of data throughout 2019 on a wide range of topics. The release dates can be found here.

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