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  • Vocational voices episode 2: Apprenticeships – should you believe the hype?
  • Apprentice and trainee completion rates decrease
  • Do course durations matter to training outcomes?
  • Government-funded training enrolments decline
  • New essays explain the development of the VET system
  • ‘No Frills’ presentations available
  • Coming soon
  • Upcoming events

EPISODE 2: Apprenticeships – should you believe the hype?

It’s hard to dispute that apprenticeships are an effective way for workers to develop skills while still earning a wage.

So why do apprenticeship numbers appear to be so dire?

Join host Steve Davis as he explores this issue in season 2, episode 2 of our brand new podcast series Vocational Voices.

Apprenticeship rates: should you believe the hype? features Ben Bardon, CEO, National Australian Apprenticeships Association, and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER, who reveal that the situation is more nuanced than recent headlines might suggest.

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Don’t forget: Season 1 is also available and includes a full back catalogue of our past podcast episodes.

Apprentice and trainee completion rates decrease

Completion rates for apprentices and trainees who commenced training in 2014 have decreased to 56.7% (down from 59.9% for those commencing in 2013).

Completion rates can vary considerably by occupation. For individuals who commenced in 2014, the completion rate for ICT professionals was 95%, and for food trades workers it was 41%.

Completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2018 tracks the outcomes of apprentices and trainees from when they commenced their training.

To learn more, download the report on our Portal.

Do course durations matter to training outcomes?

The relationship between course durations, training quality and outcomes is of great interest to the VET sector, including the students themselves.

Consultation with providers, regulators and industry peak bodies identified they consider course durations to be a key facilitating factor in a high-quality training program.

However, statistical analysis of the study’s qualifications of interest revealed that this issue is more complex.

To learn more, download the report on our Portal.

Government-funded training enrolments decline

There were 1.1 million students enrolled in the government-funded VET system in 2018, down 1.9% when compared with 2017.

Both hours of delivery and full-year training equivalents decreased by 6.4% when compared with 2017.

Demographically, 45.4% of government-funded VET students were aged 24 years and under in 2018, 49.0% were female, and 82.0% studied part-time.

The number of Indigenous students increased by 1.8% to 79 000, while the number of students with a disability remained similar to 2017 at 100 800.

Download the report on our Portal.

New essays explain the development of the VET system

In VOCEDplus, we assign the term ‘landmark’ to those key historical documents that have influenced VET’s development in Australia.

Last year, we created a timeline of these national landmark documents.

We’ve now released the first 2 of 10 historical overviews to explain the actual impact of these key documents:

Both essays and the timeline are available in the VOCEDplus VET Knowledge Bank.

‘No Frills’ presentations available

If you weren’t able to attend the 28th National VET Research Conference ‘No Frills’, held in Adelaide on 10-12 July 2019, copies of over 40 conference presentations are now available from NCVER’s international tertiary education research database, VOCEDplus.

Recordings of keynotes will be available on NCVER’s Portal shortly.

Coming soon

Stay tuned for the following new releases over the coming weeks:

  • LSAY infographic: Life at 24 – then and now
  • Statistics: Total VET students and courses 2018
  • Statistics: VET qualification completion rates 2017
  • Statistics: Government-funded students and courses Jan-Mar 2019

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Upcoming events

Conference: National Apprentice Employment Network Conference 2019 
31 July – 2 August 2019, Gold Coast
Presenter: Lisel O’Dwyer will co-facilitate a masterclass on group training.

Conference: Independent Tertiary Education Conference
21-23 August 2019, Surfer’s Paradise
Presenters: Toni Cavallaro will speak on “Using NCVER data as a planning tool” and Genevieve Knight will speak on “VET and the return on investment“.

Symposium: Australian Travel Careers Council (ATCC) 2019 Symposium
3-4 September 2019, Sydney
Presenter: Phil Loveder will speak on “Understanding the future skills needs of the tourism, travel and hospitality services industry”.

Conference: 2019 National VET Conference
12-13 September 2019, Brisbane
Keynote: Managing Director Simon Walker will speak on “Transforming our understanding of the Australian VET system”.

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