More than half happy with single body of polytechnics/institutes

Just over half of the respondents in this week’s Herald webpoll agree with the creation of one national body of polytechnics and institutes of technology, meaning EIT becomes one of 16 “subsidiary” institutions.

Of the 344 voters, 56 percent (191) voted “yes”, 39 percent (133) “no” and 5 percent (20) “don’t know”.

Among the “yes” commenters, one said having a single qualification developer and academic quality management system was the key improvement as opposed to having 16 information and finance systems.

“New Zealand is too small to have so many polytechnics and that’s why so many current polytechnics are in trouble and are not world-leading educators.”

“Adds value to the degrees/diplomas when it’s a national standard,” another “yes” voter wrote.

Another said: “It is a great shame that EIT is not as forward-thinking and professional as SIT (Southern Institute of Technology), which is the only polytech deserving of operating individually.”

“Too much distribution of power” and “the sooner the better” were also comments among those who voted “yes”.

In the “no” camp, a commenter wrote smaller regions lose their autonomy. “Decisions are made based on national data, not regional. The issues here in Tairawhiti are not the same as in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Risk is funding will go to bums on seats not innovative thinking relevant to the communities the institutes are in.”

Another suggested they go back to how it was when it worked, before it was privatised.

“When block courses were required. When you learned your trade. Not now where you get Brownie points for attendance.”

A few commented “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Another “no” voter wrote:“Gisborne is quite capable of organising and running its institute of technology to provide what is required for this district.”


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