Labor’s Free TAFE Policy – more jobs for Tasmanians, where we need them

Tasmanian Labor

  • Free TAFE policy for 5,000 Tasmanian careers
  • Key industries cannot find skilled Tasmanian workers
  • Liberal inaction has seen 2,000 apprenticeships vanish


A Labor Government would address unemployment while skilling-up the next generation of Tasmanian workers to have successful, lifelong careers in Tasmania.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Labor’s $10 million free TAFE policy will provide 5,000 students the qualifications they need to find jobs in our fastest growing industries.

“Building, construction and hospitality businesses simply cannot find the qualified staff they need. They are flying in tradespeople and chefs from the mainland to fill the gap,” Ms White said.

“With Australia’s oldest population, and highest rate of disability, aged care and disability services face similar problems.

“There is a fundamental mismatch been Tasmania’s skillset and our growing industries. This mismatch is costing Tasmanians jobs and holding back our fastest growing industries.

“Under the Liberals, TAFE is broken and we have lost 2,000 apprenticeships.

“Labor will provide free TAFE courses across the building and construction, hospitality, aged care and disability services sectors.

“This means jobs for Tasmanians and a boost for our businesses.

“It means more apprenticeships and more traineeships. It means it will be easier for businesses to hire qualified staff and cheaper for tradespeople who take on apprentices. It means elderly Tasmanians will get the level of care they need.

“Labor has formed this policy directly from the feedback received from our Industry Advisory Councils – our industries want workers with the skills to match their demands so they can grow and provide careers to Tasmanians.

“The Liberals need to decide whether to back Labor’s policy and support 5,000 Tasmanians into meaningful careers or to continue to do nothing while mainlanders are flown in to plug skills shortages while Tasmanian apprenticeships disappear in their thousands.”

Labor will mandate that apprentices and trainees undertake at least 20 per cent of labour on government building and construction contracts.

This policy will also apply to the civil construction industry.

“Tasmanians looking for work should get the first chance at an apprenticeship or traineeship,” Ms White said.

Rebecca White MP

Labor Leader

/Public Release. View in full here.

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