Kids’ brains ‘cooked’ by teachers opposing trade careers, says building tycoon

A Perth construction boss has claimed that high school teachers are “cooking the brains” of students, and not catering to teens who wish to pursue apprenticeships instead of a university degree.

Gerry Hanssen, the managing director of construction firm Hanssen, recently gave testimony at a parliamentary inquiry where he stated that by the age of 17, students were “already cooked in their brain by the teachers”.

He said he finds 15-year-old apprentices more receptive to learning, and criticised changes to the school system that made it more difficult for students to graduate after Year 10.

Mr Hanssen, who claims he has employed more than 1000 apprentices through his company, believes there are limited options currently available for students who prefer to “work with their hands”.

Gerry Hanssen believes options for student who don’t wish to go to university are limited. Source: File/Getty

“Because they (teachers) are university educated they deliver very theoretical lines, so you’ve got a conflict between very theoretical teachers and kids who want to learn with their hands — they’re not interested in university,” Mr Hassen told News Corp.

“That’s where the dilemma lies”.

Education Minister Sue Ellery told News Corp it was up to the training sector – not the education system – to “provide individualized training for specific careers”.

“The decision about whether or not a student remains at school until the end of Year 12 is a decision of the parent or carer — and increasing numbers are choosing to stay.”
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