Feature Article: How to simplify documenting evidence of industry engagement and consultation

RTO’s must comply with Clauses 1.5 & 1.6 in the SRTOs 2015 by retaining evidence that demonstrates feedback has been obtained from industry stakeholders relating to training and assessment strategies and practices. Records of outcomes of industry consultation and subsequent changes made to RTO processes as a result should be stored appropriately. Evidence of your formal and informal discussions with employers and how you used their input should be kept so you can ensure your delivery is industry relevant. The following advice provides suggestions of how your RTOs interactions with industry can be documented and maintained.

Record of conversation template:

By documenting the conversations you have with industry stakeholders in a template you will ensure your evidence is provided in a consistent format. Your template should include verification of the input provided from the industry representative by having them sign and date the record. A representative from your RTO should also sign and date the record to confirm its authenticity. The record of conversation template should require your RTO representative to ask appropriate questions of the industry stakeholder that address the requirements of Clauses 1.5 & 1.6 so the feedback captured from the representative is meaningful and specific to relevant training products.

Evidencing consultation with industry stakeholders:

The SRTOs 2015 require RTOs to gather feedback from industry on the choice of electives, contexts, methods, resources and current industry skills of trainers and assessors for all training products on scope of registration. The input gathered from industry should be reflected in training and assessment strategies and practices. Using an Industry Consultation Record is one data collection method that will ensure your RTO can effectively record the formal or informal discussions held with industry. Whether done in person, via email or by phone documenting your engagement and consultation with industry will ensure your RTO has recorded meaningful feedback and is able to use that information effectively in your strategies.


Maintaining your industry consultation records in a centralised document management system ensures you can effectively evidence your ongoing industry engagement activities. The records kept should both include past and recent industry feedback relating to your RTOs training and assessment strategies and practices. It is critical to ensure that your organisation has an appropriate record keeping system in place for physical and/or digital records so they are easily retrieved in the event of an audit or information request.

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