Feature Article: Why you need to focus on your RTOs customers not compliance

Any training provider who neglects to put its customers first is likely to experience a decline in enrolments, reputation, and the quality of the education they are able to provide. This can have serious consequences for the long-term viability of an RTO. As an RTO it is important to prioritise the needs and satisfaction of your customers rather than solely focusing on compliance. While compliance with regulatory requirements and legislative obligations is important to maintain your licence to operate, the ultimate goal of your organisation should be to provide high quality training and education to your students. In doing so you will easily meet compliance requirements. Here are some examples of how RTOs can focus on improving the quality of training programs, increase enrolments and revenue and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction:

Focusing on customer satisfaction has a number of benefits for your RTO. Firstly, happy customers are more likely to recommend you as a quality provider to others, leading to increased enrolments and revenue. Additionally, a strong reputation for quality will attract the best talent to your RTO, allowing you to offer the best possible education to your students. The benefits of prioritizing customer satisfaction go beyond just increased enrolments and revenue. By focusing on the needs and goals of your students, you are able to tailor your training programs to better meet their needs and improve their learning outcomes. This not only leads to better satisfaction for your customers, but also results in better prepared and more successful graduates entering the workforce.


One specific example of prioritizing customer satisfaction over compliance is offering flexible course options and schedules. While compliance requirements may dictate certain requirements for course duration and delivery, it is important to also consider the needs and availability of your students. By offering flexible course options, such as evening or weekend classes or online delivery, you are able to accommodate the busy schedules of your students and improve their overall experience.

Student support services: 

Another example is providing individualized support and resources to your students. While compliance requirements may dictate certain minimum standards for student support, it is important to go above and beyond in order to ensure the success of your students. This could include offering additional tutoring or study resources or providing personalized support to students who may be struggling.

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