Feature Article: How to evidence industry engagement and consultation for your RTO

ASQA do not prescribe how RTO’s should record evidence of consultation with industry stakeholders. When undertaking consultation with employers and industry representatives, RTOs should ensure that evidence is collected that verifies training and assessment provided is industry-relevant and graduates skills and knowledge are able to be applied in the workplace. Government funding agreements and other contracts can also require that feedback is gathered from industry for the delivery of government subsidised courses. The following advice will help you understand how your RTO should document industry engagement and consultation activities.

Strategies for industry engagement and consultation:

Your strategies to engage with employers and other relevant industry stakeholders should ensure you can confirm training and assessment provided is relevant and industry outcomes are satisfactory. RTOs must obtain input from industry on the appropriate contexts, methods, resources and trainers and assessors to deliver training products on your scope of registration. The feedback gathered should be used to inform training and assessment strategies; confirm resources are suitable; verify training and assessment provided is relevant to help design your strategies; seek feedback about how you provide training and assessment, and; confirm your trainers and assessors have current industry skills

Training package guidance and requirements:

Training packages or VET accredited courses have companion volumes or implementation guides that provide RTOs with guidance in relation to industry expectations for the skills and knowledge of VET graduates. These key documents should be referred to particularly when developing training and assessment strategies (TAS) to ensure the requirements are considered. Gathering input from employers and other industry stakeholders is critical in ensuring training and assessment is aligned to current methods, technology, products and performance expectations for the workplace tasks specified in the relevant training package or VET accredited course.

Collecting sufficient evidence:

The feedback that you gather from employers and other industry stakeholders should be used in the development and ongoing reviews of your TAS’s. ASQA advise against having industry representatives ‘sign off’ or tick and flick your generic TAS’s. This practice provides no value in improving your delivery. Using the input provided from industry to inform your TAS’s will ensure that you can sufficiently evidence that industry’s views were considered in your delivery.  By documenting an analysis and summary of the feedback given and actions taken by your RTO in the TAS you can confirm that you have undertaken industry engagement and consultation effectively.

Documenting engagement and consultation: 

Your discussions held with industry representatives whether informal or formal can be documented in a record of conversation template. By evidencing your discussions whether conducted in person, via email or by phone you can ensure you have captured the key points and feedback given effectively and use that information for your TAS.

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