ASQA Update-Issue 59, September 2019

Message from ASQA’s Chief Commissioner

Welcome to our September ASQA Update. This is a large issue covering some important recent publications including guidance on requirements for third-party arrangements, our strategic review on international education and an updated regulatory strategy. Since the last update we also held our annual training provider briefings, where I and my colleagues met with many of you to provide updates on ASQA’s work, and invite and answer questions. I enjoyed this opportunity to connect with many of you directly and look forward to further opportunities for engagement.

A common query from audiences at this year’s events centred on a misconception that ASQA takes regulatory action against providers for minor administrative oversights. This has also been the subject of recent public discussion. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you directly about ASQA’s regulatory processes and assure you that ASQA does not make adverse decisions against providers for minor non-compliances.

Earlier this year, a small number of cancellations were triggered by providers failing to submit Total VET Activity (TVA) data or the Annual Declaration of Compliance. TVA data is the only reliable information on delivery that exists, so is of a critical nature to our sector. It is necessary for this information to be collected in a timely and complete manner, so it can inform decisions that have a significant impact on the sector and on providers.

The majority of RTOs submit their data on time each year, however, there are a small number that do not. ASQA provides numerous reminders to RTOs, collectively and individually, about deadlines for submitting data.  If RTOs miss deadlines following these efforts, ASQA issues notices of intent to impose a sanction with opportunities to respond. Given how important accurate data is to ensuring quality of the sector, the refusal to submit it is a serious failure to comply with regulatory obligations and not a minor issue.

When ASQA carries out other regulatory activity including audits, we identify non-compliances that pose major risks to learners and the sector more broadly. ASQA’s risk-based approach to regulation means we only conduct regulatory activities where we have evidence of potential risks to quality – we do not seek to identify minor non-compliances that could unnecessarily impact the work of quality providers. Our audit reports do cover the range of non-compliances, however, minor administrative non-compliances do not result in sanctions.

I hope this offers some insight into ASQA’s processes, and reminds all providers of the importance of their regulatory obligations. I thank the majority of providers for complying with requirements.

Mark Paterson AO
Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer
Australian Skills Quality Authority

ImageStrategic review into international education published

ASQA has published its strategic review into international education, Protecting the quality of international VET and English language education. The report finds that overseas students have good experiences studying in Australia, however, work is needed to ensure this continues to be the case.


Regulatory strategy for 2019-21—what are the strategic issues on ASQA’s agenda?Image

ASQA has released its regulatory strategy for the 2019-21 period. The strategy is informed by ASQA’s evidence-based approach to identifying and addressing systemic risks to the vocational education and training (VET) sector. The latest update announces continued focus on international education and trainer and assessor capability, and a new focus on VET in Schools.


New guidance on third-party arrangements for delivery of training and assessment

ASQA has published guidance to provide clarity on the third-party arrangements permitted under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. The guidance addresses existing requirements for RTOs and responds to the specific risks associated with third-party arrangements for delivery of Training and Education (TAE) products. The updated guidance comprises of a new fact sheet and new General Direction.


ASQA Training Provider Briefings 2019 presentation slides now available

ASQA recently held 23 briefings for training providers across Australia. It was an opportunity to inform training providers about ASQA’s work and core activities, and invite questions from the audience. We have now published the briefing presentation slides along with the most popular questions and answers.


Meeting trainer and assessor requirements

ASQA has recently updated its fact sheet on the requirements for trainers and assessors.

► Read the fact sheet​

Extended transition period for 13 High-risk work Units of Competency

ASQA has approved an extended transition period for 13 High-risk work Units of Competency. The extended training, assessment and certification issuance period ends on 1 January 2020.

► Read more​

Extended transition period for four RGR racing qualifications

ASQA has approved an extended transition period for four RGR racing qualifications. The extended training, assessment and certification issuance period ends on 31 December 2019.

► Read more

Extended transition period for four MEA Aeroskills qualifications and UEG30114
ASQA has approved an extended transition period for four MEA Aeroskills qualification and UEG30114 Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations. The extended training, assessment and certification issuance period ends on 31 December 2019.

► Read more

Reminder of the recent change in how unit codes are allocated in VET accredited courses

This is a reminder that the method for allocating codes to units of competency recently changed and applies to VET accredited course applications received from 1 September 2019.

► Read more

Recent regulatory decisions

► Stay up to date with ASQA’s latest regulatory decisions
Careers with ASQA

If you or anyone you know is interested in working for ASQA, you can send us your resume or keep up to date with our employment opportunities via the links below. Our current vacancies are also listed below. As employment opportunities become available, they will be listed on our website and on the Australian Public Service jobs website,

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► ASQA’s current vacancies are:
APS Level 6 Lead Regulatory Officer – Perth
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