30 Under 30 Education 2018: Young Leaders Who Are Expanding Access And Opportunity

What do the 30 Under 30 Education 2018 honorees all have in common? They’re not simply shaping education, they’ve torn a page of the entrepreneurial playbook and are creating new businesses, nonprofits and organizations. Their bottom line: open up new markets and access to lifelong, quality educational experiences.

This group of rising stars see learning differently. Meeting students where they are (usually on their mobile phones) and using innovative technology to enhance the learning process and pursue nontraditional educational paths are two of the ways our 2018 30 Under 30s are pioneering a new education landscape.

This year’s pool of education honorees is mostly working in the digital space. But from there they splinter out to fields such as  on-demand tutoring, college application assistance for low-income students, literacy and special ed, video learning and online mentoring programs. This crowd is hard at work in to create  affordable study abroad opportunities, in-classroom or after-school entrepreneurial experiences alongside local business people and access to blue-chip internships and entry-level jobs for students from underrepresented minority groups.

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